join aroz shop bubble partner programme, partner with us & earn up to rs. 25000/mo

  • What is AROZ SHOP Bubble Partner Programme ?
    Once you become our Partner, you will receive up to 15% of Total Sale through your channel (Instagram/Facebook/YouTube etc.) (Maximum up to Rs. 25000/mo)
  • Who Can Join ?
    Whoever full fills our Eligibility Criteria can join and earn up to Rs. 25000/mo
  • How To Join ?
    Select the social media platform where you want to promote our products , click on that – you will be redirected to an form, fill out the form and if we accept you, one of our representative will contact you.
  • How I Will Get Paid ?
    We will provide you an Special Coupon Code for Promotion & you will get a fixed %age of total sale using your Coupon Code, that means more you promote, more likely you will earn more. Once you reach Minimum Payout of Rs. 500, amount will be transfer to your bank account.
  • It’s been a week but no one contacted me ? What should I do ?
    We are sorry but that means currently we can not accept your application, you can re-apply again once you full fills our eligibility criteria. If you think that was a mistake then write to us on – [email protected]  for feedback or complain write to us on – [email protected] 

eligibility criteria for joining aroz shop bubble partner programme

For Instagram

  • Minimum 5K Followers
  • No Adult Content/Post
  • No Spam

For YouTube

  • Minimum 1K Subscribers
  • No Adult Content
  • No Promotion of any other business in any means 
  • Minimum 500 views for In-Stream Ads

For Facebook

  • Minimum 25K Followers
  • No Adult Content
  • No Promotion of any other business in any means
  • Minimum 500 views for In-Stream Videos 

For blog/website

  • Minimum 20 Posts/blog/articles
  • Minimum 50K Unique Visitors/Mo
  • No Adult Content
  • No Restricted Content
  • No Manual Promotion of similar Niche

for promotion on whatsapp or any other platform, message us on whatsapp – +91 7891263622 or write to us on [email protected]  , we will respond to you as soon as possible. 

Apply here

Our Representative will call you only if required else we contact you via email & from our business whatsapp. Please be aware of Scam Calls/Texts , we never ask you for money or bank details over calls/texts*
by submitting this form you agree to our AROZ INFLUENCER PARTNER POLICY , NDA & IP Agg.